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Alcove Way

These tree-lined sites offer both sunny and shady areas in close proximity to the creek. Near the bathhouse and cabins, this area is perfect for tents and small groups.


> perfect for groups wanting a true outdoor experience



Heavily wooded and nestled in a valley, this area offers a true sense of the Illinois wilderness. With the creek babbling in the background, it’s perfect for groups wanting a true outdoor experience.


> Perfect for groups looking to be near a babbling brook

The Glades

The Glades are heavily wooded and are ideal for tents and small groups. On higher ground, these sites offer seclusion, sun, and shade. They’re perfect for primitive tent camping.

> Perfect for groups wanting close to primitive experience

The Highlands


Located on a hill overlooking the creek, these sites offer sunny and shady spots in varying sizes. The Highlands features a large open area in the center, which includes the playground, tetherball, and lots of room for playing games or doing yoga!


> Perfect for groups wanting a great spot to relax and let the kids play

Oak Grove

Closest to the general store, bathhouse, and basketball court, this area is perfect for both tents and larger RVs. Mature trees offer shady spots, while the sites near the creek provide light shade and sun.


> Perfect for groups wanting to keep a slight touch of home

The Outback


This wide open, primitive camping area is for our Scouts and Youth Groups. Closest to the hiking trail, the Outback is located near the property line.

To book this area, please call 815-431-0936 to make your reservation.


> Perfect for groups wanting a true outdoor experience



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